Mattia Flabiano III

Mattia J. Flabiano III is a Senior Principal at Page in Dallas, Texas.  He joined Page 37 years ago and his experience has been focused on complex, mission critical type projects, from Academic Research Institutions, Micro-Electronics Fabrication Facilities and all facility types in the Health Industry. His expertise, experience and management style has provided leadership to Page’s Design Team for many of the rm’s most complex and successful projects. Much of Mattia’s success has been his understanding of the dynamic nature of design in a rapidly changing environment, how a multi-disciplinary group of designers work best in an enhanced collaborative mode and his ability to corral the individual talents of various consultants and partners into a high performing team with client satisfaction as the number one driver.

The International Architecture Award Yearbook

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The International Architecture Awards are the largest and most extensive global architecture awards program in the world, honoring new skyscrapers, commercial buildings, urban plans, private residences and real estate projects that achieve a high standard of excellence to design.

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